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What is RSS?
RSS is a technology that is used by people all over the world to keep track of their favorite websites. It offers you the opportunity to receive relevant and up to date information quickly after it has been published.

RSS Reader
The first thing you need is a RSS Reader. There are several free RSS Readers that you can download from the internet, like Feedreader and Sharpreader. You can also subscribe to a web based version, for example the RSS readers of Google and Bloglines. Many browsers offer a RSS Reader in their browser.

RSS feeds
The next step is to copy the feeds of your favourite websites into your RSS Reader. Look for the most often used icon on these websites: the orange rectangle. Click on your right mouse button and copy the shortcut. Complete your action by pasting the link into your RSS reader.

RSS at offers one RSS feed for our news and press releases. Copy and paste this url in your RSS Reader and you will be informed directly after publishing.


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