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28 apr 2011 | Grontmij takes leave with the surname Carl Bro 

As of Friday 29 April, Denmark will be on first-name terms with the fourth largest consultancy business in Europe. Now, after four years as Grontmij | Carl Bro, the company name is Grontmij.

Søren Larsen, Managing Director in Grontmij’s Danish branch, says, ”With our shared name we wish to show that Grontmij is one enterprise with one shared goal, namely to become the leading consultancy business in Europe. We will, for instance, realise this goal by continuing to do what we are good at, i.e. to establish sustainable improvements in the environments in which we work and live.” 

International consultant with growth aspirations
In the course of the period towards 2015, the Grontmij group intends to double the level of sales and invest around 300 million euro in the development of new competences and efficient and environmentally sound solutions within the fields of water, energy, environment, transportation, building and industry. The acquisition of relevant businesses – primarily in Northern Europe – will also contribute to this growth. Thus, taking place in June 2010, the most recent major acquisition was Ginger, the second largest consultant in France with around 2,600 employees.

”Grontmij is the world’s fourth largest consultant within the field of water – an area, where we hold a traditional strong position in Denmark. Also, the group’s competences within on- and offshore wind solutions are located here – for the purpose of spearheading the development of wind solutions in the other Grontmij countries. In addition to this, we have particular strengths within for instance climate, road management, railways, and GIS consultancy”, continues Søren Larsen from the Danish head office in Glostrup.

Knowledge-sharing creates value for the clients
Today, Grontmij comprises 11,000 consultants who, from 350 offices – 20 in Denmark, realise in the environment of 70,000 annual projects around the world.

”We collaborate across physical and professional boundaries so as to ensure that our clients have access to our prime competences and most efficient solutions. We retain our strong local roots, but now we demonstrate that we are an integrated element in one international business. To our clients, the communities in which we operate, and – obviously – to ourselves, this has the potential for considerable value creation”, Søren Larsen concludes.

Grontmij was established in 1913 by the Dutch farmer Doedo Veenhuizen. During the first years, the enterprise offered consultancy to the agricultural sector in connection with flooding and methods for reclaiming land and, subsequently, bringing such land under cultivation. The name “Grontmij” represents a combination of the letters in the Dutch terms for soil improvement (GRondverbetering) and land-reclamation business (ONTginningMaatschappIJ).

Søren Larsen
Managing Director
+45 4348 6829
Christian Malling Christian Malling
Director Communications
+45 4348 4454


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